Engineered for energy

The engineered world should be built around human health. You should not be feeling poor, afraid, tired, or lonely most of the time.


Engineering amplifies human characteristics. The world is more engineered than it ever has been, and sometimes it’s making us not healthy. 

Starting a few hundred years ago, we saw a change in the human experience. We made machines that could do things faster than we could do them ourselves. Then, we put them in groups, called factories, to do things in quantities. We made a railroad to transport them from the factories to our homes, then highways, airports, and ocean shipping lanes.

We focused on doing more. The so-called “Industrial Revolution” built engineered a world that focuses on doing, and we did a lot. 

And we’re still doing a lot today, we’re doing more than we’ve ever done! Less than 100 years ago, we learned that we could build computers with microchips that could not only “do,” but also start to “think:” not unlike how a human body does, and a human mind thinks. We then saw “smart” appliances, those that could do bits of thinking for us, in addition to their doing. And again, we put them in groups, this time called “networks” and made a big group of them called the “internet.”

Sometimes though, we notice that our doing doesn’t feel very good, that our doing doesn’t appear to be making us very healthy. 

Let’s look at some of the engineered systems, and think about some of the ways they make people feel.